Innovation, Practical and Experience   創新、實用、體驗

Xcellent, founded in 2001, is a manufacturer of collecting creative, innovative, aesthetics and lifestyle, holding the spirit of development and innovation. Accumulating more than ten years of experience of industrial design service and OEM&ODM leads us to own the brands of lighting, furniture and grill. Xcellent aims to develop better products, proper service and meaningful value, this is based on innovation on function, material and scenario, humanistic oriented thinking, style-led aesthetic experience. We offer "A better choice".

Xcellent Lighting 卓嶽燈飾

"a better light 一種更好的光 "採用最新的側導光光學技術,結合世界級的光學設計,將光容入於產品外型,是一種看不到燈泡的燈飾產品,不斷的研發設計,卓嶽的燈飾品牌已然成為燈飾市場上產品創新的主流。
“A better light”, LED edge lit combine with proprietary optical design techniques, Xcellent overcame limitations of traditional lamps, to merge lamp form and light source and create diverse lamps without light bulb. Constantly research, development and design drive us to be a vital lighting brand.

Xcellent Furniture 卓嶽家具

Xcellent has been offering furniture design service for years, especially specialized in the field of working life style. We will keep develop more furniture products to satisfy the modern lifestyle.

Value Mapping Design, Make the Better  價值定位設計, 只作更好的

設計是為了開發出更有價值的產品,卓嶽設計以本集團多年研發、製造及品牌經營的經驗,是一家真正能提供產品設計與研發服務的專業設計品牌,2004年導入"產品價值識別系統 Product Value Identity" 著手為傳統產業規劃及設計產品的價值識別系統,以定義其產品在市場上有效的價值利基,2012年更導入"價值定位設計體系 Value Mapping Design",為不同產業夥伴提供產品創新顧問服務,為其建立更具價值的產品線。
Design aims to develop a more valuable product. Upon our years of research on brand and marketing, as well as long term manufacturing experience, Xcellent is a professional product design and development team. From 2004, we implemented the "Product Value Identity System" in a series of projects offering to traditional industries and defined effective niche of products. We also have been providing consulting service upon our advanced design thinking "Value Mapping Design" to different industry partners since 2012, which have been established more valuable product lines.